World Water Day: Valuing Water


The source of all life on Earth, is very dependent on the existence of water. All countries are required to preserve the existing water availability. Therefore, the commemoration of this matter which is called the World Water Day, which is commemorated every March 22nd, came into effect. World water day which is commemorated on March 22, 2021, takes the theme, namely “Valuing Water”. This theme illustrates how valuable water is for all life, how efforts are made to protect this precious water, and to prevent future water crises.

In an interview conducted by Elshinta News media to the Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Echohydrology (APCE) - Category II Centre UNESCO, Prof. Ignasius Dwi Atmana Sutapa, explained how valuable water is, as well as the efforts made to conserve water resources and their utilization. Ignasius also explained the efforts to manage water into clean water, such as applying the concept of ecohydrology which involves environmental aspects, technology, and local wisdom of the community. Examples of the application of the ecohydrology concept, namely using sufficient water, collecting rainwater, not throwing garbage into water bodies, and so on. This is of course very effective in creating water security which of course can create and sustain food security.

The availability of water, of course, can support the continuity of life on Earth. The importance of awareness in valuing water can create enthusiasm to pursue activities to conserve water. Valuing water means respecting life.