Drink Water Refill House

Drinking water is an essential commodity for human life. The drinking water obtained comes from the best processing system, so that it is of good quality. Currently, the best processed drinking water is sold in the market at a fairly expensive price. Then came an alternative to simple drinking water processing which is commonly referred to as a drink water refill house. Drink water refill house is easy for anyone to manage and the selling price is cheaper than the selling price of branded drinking water whose processing process is much better.

Drink water refill houses that use drinking water treatment with filtration systems and UV rays, are widely distributed in cities and even rural areas. But how about the guarantee of the quality of drinking water from this drink water refill house? who guarantees that the drink water refill house carries out a good management process? For example in the city of Bandung, data from the health department recorded that in 2016 there were around 600 drink water refill houses and only about 300 which did carry out proper management. This is of course very dangerous because it has the potential to threaten the health of people who consume drinking water from drink water refill houses that are not supervised and do not necessarily carry out drinking water management properly.

Executive director of Asian Pacific Centre for Ecohydrology (APCE) Category II Centre, Prof. Ignasius Dwi Atmana Sutapa in a joint meeting with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2020, explained that this issue needs to be taken seriously. Ignasius explained that the use of technology such as artificial intelligence, can help in the process of monitoring and controlling the quality of drinking water treatment in each drink water refill house. In addition, it is necessary to conduct socialization and education efforts for entrepreneurs and user communities, and of course legal steps or actions for those who do not heed the warnings from the government. Thus, health insurance for the community can be maintained and the quality of drinking water processed in the drink water refill house will be better.

Quality drinking water, of course, can nourish the body. Good quality comes from efforts in proper drinking water management. Drinking water management needs to be monitored and implemented properly.