The Flood Came Back !!

Jakarta was again inundated by floods due to heavy rain. The revitalization policy of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan is considered to be the root of this flood problem. "Yesterday, many programs that were committed were not executed because they were trapped by naturalization problems as a solution to flooding. It turns out that the problem currently facing is not a problem of naturalization. But the problem of local rain problems and a severe drainage system," said urban planning observer from Trisakti University, Yayat Supriatna.

 the Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Center for Ecohydrology - UNESCO Category II Center (APCE - UNESCO C2C), Ignasius Dwi Atmana Sutapa explained, several main factors that cause flooding, namely high rainfall due to climate change, reduced water catchment areas, changes land use, inadequate waterways and the behavior of people who do not care about the environment. Not only that, various obstacles are also faced in dealing with flood disaster problems including: decentralization policy, sub-optimal resource management and overlapping authority between sectors and levels. "In principle, rainwater must be infused as much as possible, reducing river flow and increasing groundwater reserves massively. The role of the government with the zero run off concept has supported this direction. This is an opportunity for the local government and the community. to collaborate in doing something small, but the effect is very broad, for example by making infiltration wells in every resident's house.

Previously, Anies had visited Manggarai Water Gate to check flood conditions in Jakarta. Anies asked the public to allow him to work first, to focus on handling floods. "We are working on the handling, so if we may allow us to work so that the focus is on the citizens of Jakarta," said Anies at Pintu Air Manggarai, South Jakarta.