Drink Water Treatment Plant

Cibinong science center, LIPI

Water is an important element for ecology, especially for human being. Water is consuming every day, with minimum of amount is about 2 liter/person/day. The increase of world population, causing the increase of drink water consumption. However, this is not in line with amount of drink water sources.

Asia Pasific Centre for Ecohydrology (APCE) tried to solve this problem with using science and technology to make a drink water treatment plant in the office of Research Center for Limnology (LIPI). The source of water is coming from Cibuntu pond, that located in Cibinong science center (LIPI). According to ecotechnology and cultural principles in the theory of ecohydrology principles, this effort aims to provide a source of drinking water that can be felt by the community, so that awareness of preserving water resources and ecosystem sustainability are formed.

Consistency in implementing the theory of ecohydrology principles, is necessary for making balance relationship between hydrology, ecology, and social. Preservation the ecosystem will be able to keep a source of water, not only for consumption, but for any aspects in daily life.