World Water Day 2017 Celebration

The Asia Pacific Centre for Ecohydrology (APCE) commemorates World Water Day on March 24, 2017, the event filled with river and lake cleaning activities around the Cibinong Science Center LIPI by elementary, junior and senior high school students around Cibinong and Bogor. The commemoration of Water Day 2017 is themed Wastewater and opened by Drs. Fakhrudin, M.Si representing the Director of APCE, said that the Water Day Commemoration is a momentum to remind us of the importance of water, 80% of the existing water is contaminated by waste. Dr. Alie Humaedi, Chairman of the Committee on Water Day added that the purpose of this activity is to promote joint awareness and action together with groups of students and youth groups in efforts to conserve water resources and sustainability.

Clean action in the framework of World Water Day starts at 07.30, beginning with ceremony in APCE then the participants go to River Sodetan Batulampa and Situ Cibinong, action supported and cooperated with POLRI and TNI. Happy Water Day, Love Water for Our Lives. (Yovita)