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Grand Launching Book "APCE Best Learning Water Resource Management"

Last November, APCE published a book entitled "APCE Best Learning Water Resource Management" through National Workshop on Ecohydrology Approach to Support Best Learning of Sustainable Water Resources Management in Yogyakarta.

Workshop and Training on Water and Urban Initiative Case study in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta-PR of APCE. In the spirit of increasing the quality of water and maximizing the effort of combating flood in the potential area.

Asia Pacific Center for Ecohydrology Meetings In Early 2017

The Asia Pacific Center for Ecohydrology held a meeting on 10-11 April 2017 in Bogor attended

Consultation Workshop And Training On Water And Urban Initiative Case Study In Jakarta, Indonesia

The Water and Urban Initiative (WUI) is a research project of the UNU-IAS based in Tokyo, Japan, aiming to contribute to sustainable urban development

IPAG60 : Alternative Technology to provide clean water in peatland area

Indonesia’s attention to the issue of environmental damage is increasingly intensifying. One cause of the worsening environmental

Ecohydrology is a Solution for Drought in NTT

Senior researcher of the Research Center of Limnology Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Ignatius Dwi Atmana Sutapa, said that together

Join Seminar APCE, LIPI and UTM

On 31 January 2017, Asia Pacific Center for Ecohydrology (APCE-UNESCO), the Center for Limnology-LIPI and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia held a joint seminar at the APCE Cibinong Building

Coloring Competition and Water Painting 2017

Asia Pacific Center for Ecohydrology (APCE) held a series of activities to commemorate World Water Day by holding a coloring competition and painting contest

MoU of Cooperation Between APCE and IPB

On January 19, 2016, the signing of cooperation between APCE-UNESCO and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

International Seminar For Water Security In Asia-Pacific Region

International Water Security and Sustainable Management (I-WSSM) is a new category II institution under UNESCO in Korea that supports both the public and private sectors

GADRI and JASTIP Meetings

APCE-UNESCO is a Category II Institution under UNESCO, its main duties are identifying the main water resources

World Water Day 2017 Celebration

The Asia Pacific Centre for Ecohydrology (APCE) commemorates World Water Day on March 24, 2017, the event filled with river and lake cleaning activities around the Cibinong Science Center LIPI