Site and Location


The Cibitung River Catchment, one of tributaries in the Upper Citarum River basin with the Saguling Reservoir as the outlet point, was decided as demosite location for the application of ecohydrology-based best management practices at the catchment scale.

The selected location (Cililin Station, Bandung Barat (6°59'18.8" S, 107°26'43.3"E)) is suitable area for ecohydrology demosite and meets the following criteria:

      1. Represents the regional problem in water resource management;
      2. Watershed area with suitable availability of environmental data, or operationally easy to carry out   direct data measurement;
      3. Suitable landscape for pond or wetland construction for demosite purpose, including all the   supporting requirements;
      4. Appropriate accessibility to facilitate the mobility of tools and materials for operational and maintenance, as well as to accommodate visit of stakeholders.