Profile and History

Asia Pacific Centre for Ecohydrology (APCE) is a Category II Centre under the auspice of UNESCO. APCE concerns with environmental/ ecological problems for sustainable provision of water as an environmental service and ecological component for all people. APCE activities are in line with the main mission of UNESCO in enhancing science, education and culture. In this context, APCE benefits people in general through environmental and ecological management by harnessing science and technology, education and culture.
APCE has and develops excellent expertise and experience in the following fields:

  1. Relationships among ecological pattern and hydrological process;
  2. Disturbance and dynamics in natural and anthropogenic ecology and hydrology;
  3. Ecohydrological approaches to biodiversity conservation, environmental management, and ecological restoration;
  4. Integrating hydrology with ecological planning, design, and architecture, or reverse;
  5. Trans disciplinary studies of regional sustainability from scopes of ecohydrology, ecology, or both.