Public Awareness - Local Knowledge

  1. Local Knowledge "Rembug Banyu Wong Kampung"; The use of cultural mechanisms for water resources conflict prevention diplomacy.
  2. Defining the Myths of water preservation strategies; Strengthening water environment conservation strategies based on cultural values of society;
  3. The Development of Prophetic Conservation Concept and drafting the "water speech" which is based on the value of prophetic; Develop the opinion about water utilization based on religious values in a religious lecture
  4. Assistance of Policy Direction related to House Facing the River; Encourage the government to implement the house facing the river program
  5. Water Subak in Bali
  6. Pekaseh and kesubakan system in Lombok
  7. Ulu-ulu irigation in Jawa
  8. Embungan system in Nusa Tenggara and Leste