Project Documentation

The results of the first year (phase) of the development of advanced ecohydrology demosite at the Cibitung River catchment show the high potential application of ecohydrology and phytotechnology measures in the Saguling Region, which has attracted the interest of local community and authority.

Up to this reporting period activities that have been undertaken are:

  1. Monitoring Water Quality and Quantity Aspect
  2. Ecohydrological Modeling System: Preliminary Application Of Rainfall-Sediment-Runoff Model In The Upper Citarum River Basin 
  3. Phytotechnology Application For Water Quality improvement
  1. Environmental Sanitation And Erosion Control Aspects Of Ecohydrology Demonstration Site
  1. Socio-Economic-Cultural Aspect
    1. Ecohydrological And Phytotechnology Approach For Improvement Of Water Quality